Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6th June 2012 - Transit of Venus

 Today we are so lucky because we got to see the transit of Venus. The Transit of Venus happens every 105 years so we will only get to see this once because the next time it happens is in 2117. The Transit of Venus started at 10:15am and ends at 4:44pm. We went out at 11:10am and are going to go out again just before Religious Education. We got very special Safe Solar Viewers that we had to use but if we didn’t use them we would not see Venus but also we would have very sore eyes so we listened to the teacher and used them. The Solar Viewers are very funny because you put them on and they are black and then you look up and all you see is the sun and then nearer the bottom you see a black dot and that is Venus. I think Venus will move to the right but I never know I might be wrong it might go the other way. I have so many questions about what the Sun and Venus will do. I have just been out the second time and I have seen a big change. I was right, Venus did move to the right but the Sun moved over to the left. I have now just been out the third time but this time all the school came out.  It was really weird because we had now moved ¼ around clockwise. It was so fun to see the younger children looking at Venus but it was funny to hear what the younger kids had to say about Venus. We all had a lot of fun all the times seeing Venus but we are not finished.  We still have one more at school and then at home we are all going to see what it looks like when it is all over.    
The Sun and Venus.  The Sun is Orange and Venus is Black   

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  1. Awesome Bridget!
    I LOVE your diagram it is fantastic!