Wednesday, June 6, 2012

on the 6th of June......

Venus is going to cross the path of the sun and earth. You have to wear special glasses to look at it. When you look through it when it isn't pointed at the sun you can't see anything but then when you look towards the sun it appears a lot duller and you can see the dot.   Today we got handed out the glasses and at ten past eleven we went outside to have a look.  Venus was slightly to the right and near the bottom of the sun. Through the glasses the sun was orange and there was a tiny dot on it.  At ten to twelve we are going to look at it again and then at half past twelve we are going to see it. Then just before half past one when it is meant to be in the middle of the sun we are going to see it. We are going to this so we can see the difference of the planet's alignment. Each time we go out we are going to take a mind picture to memorise where it was when we look at it so the next time we look at it we can see the difference of the alignment. It really is a once in a life time opportunity. I find it quite interesting. We just went back out after lunch and it has moved right and up. It is heading towards the centre of the sun and this little tiny spectacle only comes every hundred and five years. it would almost be in the centre in an hour.

I like that the photo shows our vision.  We are confident, reflective, risk taking learners... learning under Saddle Hill!

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