Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art with Mrs Baines

On Friday we had Mrs Baines as a teacher for the day.  We did some art.  It was really fun. We closed our eyes and drew 30 dots on some paper. Then we made the dots like a dot to dot drawing.Once we had connected the dots together we were told to give our (so far doodled) creature monster features. Most of us made monsters from the crazy to the unspeakible. Mine looked like a dragon and Jacks looked like scorpion. It was really fun. Jack did two and I did one. It was fun having Mrs Baines.


  1. It is amazing what you can do with dots. Kaelen

  2. Jack that is a very cool picture with 30 dots


  3. Mrs Baines is heaps of FUN!
    WE did some really cool stuff with her.

  4. That is fun ihope we could do heaps more.I didnt know you could make that much with dots and very good work jack.