Friday, June 29, 2012

Animal Communities

In term 2 our topic was animal comunities and we had to choose our own inquiry to reseach on. My one was what is different about a lion's habitat and a lynx's habitat. I presented it on a powerpoint and my visual image was a poster. It took a while to research about both animals and then to put it into my own words, then I had to put it onto my powerpoint.  Once we were a fair way through our inquiry we had to start our visal image. We had to make an A3 page that was filled of photos. Yesterday we shared them and I learnt a lot from all the different inquiries.  It was interesting listening to the facts they told us. I think the speeches helped us a lot with presenting the posters not reading the posters. This year I think some people have come a long way.


  1. I really enjoyed your inquiry Callum.

  2. Your inquiry was based on a very interesting subject Callum!
    I liked how you presented differently than the rest of the class (who mostly used posters)!