Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ten past eleven

Today was a spectacular day because we got to see the transit of Venus! To be safe we had to put on our solar safe viewer, otherwise we could go blind. The sun was dark orange with a tiny black dot circling around it.
12:30. We saw it at ten past eleven and we are going to see it again at quarter to twelve. We got a booklet about it and it told us the next transit of Venus will be in 2117.
1.45. It started at ten fifteen and will finish at around about four twenty five. After this we will see the eclipse of the sun on November the fourteenth. We looked at the sun again and Venus had moved to the horizon because the sun’s moving more and more. I am very lucky to see it. This will be the first and last time we will ever see it because it doesn’t come for another 105 years which would make me 115. 

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