Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Zealand loses a treasure - taonga

Yesterday on the 23rd of July Margaret Mahy sadly passed away. She died in Christchurch. She has written more then 100 books. They are all very great to read. They suit all ages. You can read them whenever you like. Today in Room6 they read The Moon and Famer McPhee. It was a finalist in the children book awards. It was a really good book because of the describing words used and the awesome pictures of animals on the pages. Brya and Chelsea like all of the books but mostly The Witch in the Cherry Tree and Adventures of the Robber pig. Laura likes The Lion in the Meadow but she mostly likes the three legged Cat and The witch in the Cherry tree. Everyone around the world will miss Margaret Mahys new books but they will have her old books. Margaret Mahy was famous for her writing and the pictures that go with the stories. In St Mary’s School library they have lots of Margaret Mahy stories. There is a great range of chapter books for the older kids and picture books for the younger kids. You will be sadly missed Margaret Mahy.
By Chelsea, Brya and Laura

Today our whole school gathered in the foyer and we remembered our wonderful author. We talked about her books and shared her most recent award winning book, The Moon and Farmer McPhee. Check out this wonderful site to find out all about our fabulous author! What is your favourite Margaret Mahy book? We were really interested to look at the two copies our school has of her first book, A lion in the meadow! The hardback copy was published in 1969 and the paperback was published in 1996. One book our parents grew up with, the other we grew up with. The story is the same but soooo much has changed. The book, the print, the illustrations have all changed over the years but the story has always been a favourite.


  1. I love the Lion in the meadow!
    I have the paperback story at home.

  2. It is so sad to loss Margaret Mahy. She was a great writer she has over 100 books!!


  3. My favourite Margaret Mahy book is the whitch in the cherry tree.