Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

A great way to start the year is a scavenger hunt.  Bridget and Michaela bring us installment one of this adventure.

The Scavenger Hunt

On January 31, 2012 Room 6 had a Scavenger Hunt around the classroom.
Mrs K. and her friend took close up photos of objects in our class during the school holidays. She printed off the photos in black and white. We each pulled a photo out of the bucket and started to search for the whole object. We had to open drawers, search up and down, turn the picture around to different angles and…


  1. What a great story Bridget and Michaela! We hope there is more to come of this story today! We had so much fun, it was a challenge and we found out where everything is in the class.

  2. Nice story Michaela and Bridget. Some pictures were really hard. Mine was the candle and it took me for ages to find it. It was really fun though. Hope theres more to it


  3. HI everyone
    this task was awesome fun but it was also quite hard for some objects.
    It was an interestting challenge
    Zara :-P

  4. I sure hope Mrs K gives Bridget and Michaela time to finish this adventure...

  5. Well done I think you did a great job

  6. well done i think you did a great job my picture was a computer but it is not on there well done