Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 1 2012

It is so exciting to be back together for an exciting learning journey!  Today our first bloggers are Laura and Anahera.

Fantastic feather fun
On the 31st of January we went over to the Rec to play with fluffy feathers. The feathers escaped like hundreds of butterflies.  Mrs K asked us one by one to take a handful each. Then we played with them.  We all let them go and it was like snow falling down in winter.  After we played with them she made us pick them all up. We were like mini vacuum cleaners.  We thought it would take at least a week to pick them all up. Mrs K told us that the feathers were our words and if we let our hurtful words they hurt someone's feelings. We learnt that we can't gather up ours words once they are out.


  1. The words you put in your post were really beautiful. It was lots of fun, but there was also a really good message behind it! I like all of the fantastic similes you have used! Mrs K loves the phrase about the feathers escaping like butterflies.

  2. Hi everyone
    This feather throwing was awesome as!
    It was so fun
    Laura, Anahera beautiful writing

  3. feather throwing was fun nice face mason

  4. hi guys,
    love the exciting describing words
    and phrases they really make the
    story very interesting! The feather
    throwing was really fun, but taught us
    all a valuable lesson "Once we say something
    hurtful you cant take those words back" like the
    feathers after we released them we couldn't pick
    up every single feather!
    From Michaela:)

  5. fantastic describing words guys,
    they really make the story interesting!
    From Michaela:)

  6. Thanks for this great post Laura.
    What a fabulous way to learn about an important lesson. It's great that you all had so much fun, that will help make what you did memorable and you are therefore more likely to remember the about the result of using hurtful words.
    I think I'll be using this activity in the future!
    Miss. Leakey

  7. This looks fun !wish I was there :)....( Christine) Aaliyahs mum