Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cross Country

On Thursday the 15th of September we had the school cross country. I didn’t think it would be on because it was raining. After lunch we went over to the field to get ready for the races. When it was my turn I nervously waited by the starting line. Then Mr. Bros said GO. Then I ran around the track. We had to do two big laps. After the first lap I got the stitch but I had to keep running. Everyone was cheering. At the end I came second.

 By Laura


  1. Hi Laura,
    Great story! Did you like cross country? I did!!! You did really well! You were like superman! You ran so fast! I was cheering for you, I was going crazy! Good luck for next year!

  2. Hi Laura,
    You did really well at your cross country well done for coming 2nd. Could you hear me yelling from the other side of the park? I think you could!!I enjoyed watching you well done.